Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A powerful message, and amazing grace

I have been humbled and amazed by the response to my blog entry on Monday. To everyone who has reposted the message, sent emails, talked to their friends and family, and pledged to never drive distracted again: you are saving lives, which honors Chris’ memory in a beautiful way - thank you!  I said in one of my earlier blogs that, even in the face of such a tragedy, it is impossible not to see God's hand in my life.  I am in awe of how he is using our story to touch, change, and to save lives. 

Last night I was in my childhood room in Corpus Christi - scanning the bookshelves for an easy read.  I do this a lot when I am home:  I pick out an old book - something I loved as a kid - and read it sporadically during my stay.  I usually end up with one of the C.S. Lewis Narnia books, or Anne of Green Gables...but last night my eyes feel on a book I hadn't seen before.  It was on my twin sister's bookshelf, and the title is, "What's so Amazing about Grace?".  I opened the jacket, and inside was the name of my late maternal grandmother,  Nancy Lang.  Nancy, my Nana, passed away in the summer of 2003 - right before Chris and I started dating.  I always wished that she would have lived to see how happy we were, how happy he made me, and what a beautiful life that we had as a family.

The book is about grace - how nothing we do here on earth can earn us God's love. God's love is given to us freely and without condition - completely by his grace.  For the last few weeks, I have seen God's grace in my life.  Putting my trust in him has kept me going through the last 10 weeks.  Saying, "God, I trust you.  I trust that you are with me always, and that you will never forsake me.  I trust that your plan, your timing, is perfect - even though it may not spare me from pain."  I saw Nana's name in that book, and knew this was another little gift from God. It was his way of saying- "See?  Look around you?  Do you see how I am leading you?  Helping you find you way through this valley?  Trust me, I know the way."

Someday, I will tell Colleen about the last 24 hours.  How I felt God with me, giving me courage to tell our story.  How people were moved by it, touched by it, enough to share it with others all over the world.  That our story helped people to make a decision that is hard, but that could save lives.  I pray that by the time Colleen is able to drive that we will look back and be shocked that we, as a culture, did not realize the danger of our behaviors sooner.  Until then, please continue to tell our story, keep your eyes on the road, and take time each day to open your heart to God's grace in your life.  

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  1. Thanks a million for your blog. I had my 18 year old daughter see your interview on local news. We watched it together. It drew tears to her eyes and mine again for the second time. She new the 18 yr old that died. I think this opened her eyes and heart. My prayers go out to you and your family.